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Think building a poker table is hard ? We consider this.. I did it, and just look at me. If I can do it, so can you. I'd never really built anything before except a dilapidated bird house in my High School shop class. Luckily, with all the great information online, all you really need is the ability to follow directions. The directions I created are for a very simple full felt table with no wood racetrack. These are good plans for a beginner wanting to make a simple first table. The cup holders I use are removable and slide under the rail. I love the way the table came out and, even with the experience under my belt, plan to build another full felt table. I guess I just like them better. 


Believe it or not there are people that sell links to free poker table plans on E-Bay. 

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Before we get started let me just list some references to other sites that will undoubtedly help you along the way. 

Home Poker Tourney - This site maintains links to all the major poker table building sites on the Internet. It's a great resource. 

Scott Keen's Forum - Start browsing the posts out here you'll find it hard to stop. If you get stuck or have a question, these guys can help. They are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I lurked out here for about a month before I decided what to do. I suggest you do the same. 

Take some time and poke around the various web sites. Decide what you want for a table. There's a lot of different ways to do it. You can use various types of wood, add cup holders in the rail, install a finished wood racetrack with or without cup holders, you can add lights, you can have a full sized oval table, a small oval table, you make it round, octagonal, there's various fabric choices... you get the picture. Out on Scott Keen's forum there is a Sticky Thread that has nothing but pictures of tables. Take some time, look them over and decide what you want. Then, take a look at my instructions. Maybe they can help you.

Step 1 - Make a list of what you need
Step 2 - Beer and Cutting
Step 3 - Tracing, Understanding the Big Picture
Step 4 - Cutting the Rail
Step 5 - Gluing and Screwing
Step 6 - Testing the fit.. Getting Schooled by daughter
Step 7 - More Gluing and Screwing
Step 8 - Laying Down the Playing Surface Foam
Step 9 - Upholstering the Playing Surface
Step 10 - Cutting the Rail Foam
Step 11 - Putting Foam to Rail
Step 12 - Center and staple the outside of the rail
Step 13 - Cut and staple the inside
Step 14 - Attach the rail to the playing surface
Step 15 - Cut and attach the legs
Step 16 - Sign it and You're Done
Step 17 - Lessons Learned

Best of Luck.. Drop me some feedback if you want to. 


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