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Now, let's draw some lines. I used peg board again, it worked great. 5 holes = 5 inches. I traced a line 5 inches around the perimeter of the rail piece of wood.

Drill a hole on some point of the line big enough to fit your jig saw in. Then.. start a-cutting. It helps to have someone you can trade off with. When its done it will look like this:

Now draw another line 1" around the perimeter of the playing surface piece. Drill a hole big enough to get your jig in, (that sounds dirty), then start drilling carefully. It helps if you stick your tongue out like Jordon while your cutting. It gets you into the zone. It also catches nutritious sawdust on your tongue. Clamping the cut portions along the way help keep the surface stable. Try to do your cutting outdoors if possible. Everything in my garage is still draped in sawdust.

Make sure you make clear marks on one end of the playing surface and the strip you are removing. Make marks on both the top and bottom sides of each. 

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