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Time to cover the rail. Having two people for this part really helps it go quickly. I have no idea how I could have done this part myself. 

Lay your vinyl face down on the ground and center the padded rail on top of it. Measure it out to make sure its center. I had about 3 1/4" on each sides and about 5" at the top of the arcs on the ends. Have someone sit inside the rail and tightly pull the vinyl tightly against the wood with two hands. The other person sitting outside the rail facing in should put down a healthy amount of staples. The picture is blurry because I took it while pulling the vinyl.  Once you get into a rhythm it will move pretty fast. We started in a corner and just went around the entire outside of the rail. Just remember to pull good and tight. If you hands start to hurt like hell, you're doing it right.  Doing the outside only took about 20 minutes. 

This ones blurry because my 5 year old took it, along with 52 other pictures of other various stuff. 

When you're done, trim off the extra vinyl with a razor. 

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