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Now lets staple the inside of the rail. 

Draw a line 4" from the edge of the foam around the entire inside of the rail. Then cut out a rectangle of vinyl along the straight edges. Go slow. I used a razor to do the cutting.  Do not cut the arcs yet. Then take a ruler and draw several triangle shapes all around that arc that connect to a single point. 


Cut along all of those lines but do not cut beyond the 4 " arc you drew previously. 

Do this on both ends: 

Now the puller and stapler switch positions. The puller will be on the outside of the rail, while the stapler will be inside. Continue just like you did with the outside of the rail. Pull tight and staple. I don't think it matters much where you start, just make sure you get it nice and tight as to not leave any wrinkles on the top. Again, the pullers hands will really start to hurt. This is a good hurt. Like childbirth. Ice your hands with cold beers when your done, for now, suck it up and PULL!

When you're done trim off the excess:

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