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I didn't do all that much wrong in this process but here are a few of my lessons learned: 

- The slide under cup holders do not fit full size keg cups. I'm happy with the decision not to do a racetrack or cup holders in the rail, but something needs to be done about the cupholders. I might try to find some smaller cups, or I simply might add side tables around the area. Wood TV Trays are cheap. 

- My table is too wide. It will only work in one area of my house. Next time I will cut my table down to 44" wide. There's no real reason for it to be 48". It just creates a problem with space. 

- When attaching the 1" rail to the 5" rail, I tried too hard to make them line-up. This created a problem where the rail didn't fit perfect on the playing surface. I had to do some chiseling to get it to fit perfect. It doesn't even really matter how it looked because it was all to be covered anyway. 

That's pretty much it. It took me about 10 hours of actual time working on the project. Probably another 10 or 20 hours planning. 

Best of luck. 


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