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Now it's time to attach the legs. First of all I had a hard time finding them. Home Depot didn't have them. Lowes did. They were called "Replacement Banquet Table Legs" and were located over by the folding chairs. 

You'll need to cut the legs down a bit to get the table at a proper height. First, use a small screwdriver to loosen the plastic feet. Gently go around the perimeter a couple of times and they should pull off easily. 

To cut the legs I highly suggest buying a cheap pipe cutter from Lowes or Home Depot. This unit worked great and only cost 10 bucks. 

Measure out how much you want to cut off and attach the pipe cutter. Initially I took off only 1 1/2 " as shown here. Later I went back and took off another 1/2 ". I'm really happy with the table height and suggest you cut off about 2" as well. If you're not sure start small and cut more off later. Tighten the knob on the pipe cutter and then turn it around the pipe. Tighten turn, Tighten turn, Tighten turn, eventually you'll get all the way through. The pipe cutter leaves a nice clean edge. Do this for all 4, then put the feet back on. 

Take your newly cut legs and arrange them on the underside of the table. You'll want the feet of the legs to almost be touching. Your initial thought will be to put the legs as far to the ends of the table as possible. Doing this could leave a sag in the middle of the table. Take some time and figure out how the legs will open. I installed mine backwards a couple of times. Make sure the screws you use to attach to the surface are not more then 1 1/4" long. Think about how you would feel if a big screw came up through your felt. I think the underside of the playing surface, where the legs are attached, is at about 27", the top of the rail is about 30 1/4". 


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